Company Profile

HAWK FEEDING CO., LTD was established since 2005 in SND China. We focus on designing and manufacturing vibratory parts feeder systems. 

Our products certified CE and ISO 9001-2008. The parts feeding system is a custom design, fabrication and built to our customer's unique requirements. Basically we are the manufacturer of vibratory bowl, parts feeder, linear feeder, linear hopper, elevator hopper and sound-proof enclosure.

Our services include providing 3D-CAD drawing to our customers to ensure our parts feeding system design concept is meets their particular needs with the end result and following installation, we are available to provide back up and support. 

Our company set up a non-standard automation department in 2018, which will be operated independently in 2019, mainly used in automotive electronics, 3C manufacturing industry, low-voltage electrical peripheral and other fields.

Our company will set up the ultrasonic welding machine department in 2019 and achieve mass production in 2020. The products are mainly used in the fields of medical treatment, automobile, aerospace, textile etc.